iXPRESS analytics mapping platform


Powerful Geographic Analysis

With iXPRESS, quickly run reports, maps and graphs to identify your best markets and sites. Integrate your data with demographic trends, lifestyle segments and traffic volumes to locate your best prospects, manage sales territories—and depict it all visually.

iXPRESS SiteScan and SiteScore map

iXPRESS is a desktop application that allows you to quickly integrate your data with demographic trends, lifestyle segments and even traffic volumes. Utilizing wizards to streamline your analysis and a choice of mapping platforms for sharing results, custom geographic analysis has never been easier.


Map-centric desktop application

iXPRESS analytics mapping platform

Wizard-driven for streamlined analysis

iXPRESS SiteScan and SiteScore

SiteScan and SiteScore capabilities

iXPRESS mapping platform options

Map platforms using MapInfo or ArcView


Powered by industry leading data

Analytics platform reporting, maps

Create reports with maps, charts and textual descriptions



The ultimate tool for geographic analysis.

Locate your best prospects, manage sales territories and pinpoint new locations.
iXPRESS analytics and mapping platform

Flexible trade area definitions

Access dozens of reports and visualize data through detailed maps using a variety of trade area definitions such as drive-time, radii, custom polygons or standard geographic areas like ZIP Codes.

iXPRESS SiteScan and SiteScore mapping

Scan and score potential locations

Scan a market area to find locations that fit within a specified distance or drive time and rank sites based on key demographics or a combination of multiple characteristics.

iXPRESS mapping best site location

Determine best market sites

Quickly complete marketing and planning projects by determining market penetration, analyzing competitors and assessing sales potential.

iXPRESS mapping platform best prospects

Find best prospects

Combine your sales data with demographic trends and lifestyle values to identify the optimal sites for expansion and acquisition based on where your best customers live and shop.

iXPRESS - Customizable data bundles

Customizable data bundles

Meet your industry needs by bundling data with industry-specific packages, such as financial and retail data, at your required level of geography and add additional databases as needed.



Financial databases US

Privacy compliant, authoritative databases

Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 30 databases offering more than 22,000 variables to help inform your customer and location-focused analytical initiatives.

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