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Business-Facts® Summary

Claritas Business-Facts® Summary provides aggregated business information about any geographic area, including data on number of businesses, number of employees, annual revenue and businesses with more than 100 employees. Containing firmographic data for more than 15 million business locations, the Business-Facts Summary database is designed for a variety of business-to-business marketing applications, including profiling the business composition of any market area to identify competitors by NAICS or SIC codes. The data—sourced and updated monthly by InfoGROUP Inc.—are collected from Yellow Pages directories, Chamber of Commerce directories, public notices and other new business sources.


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Identify expansion opportunities, target consumers with precision, analyze the competition and align services with the needs of the community. Create compelling maps that work with popular GIS software products. The street and boundary data comes from industry leading data partners and includes points of interest—retail locations, schools, waterways, parks and bus terminals—that can be added on thematic layers.

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Understand Americans’ investment behavior and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, improve product mix and inventory levels and monitor trade areas based on their saving and investment behavior.

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